(T)aking (A)dvantage of (T)oday’s (E)xperiences Foundation


Dr. Tate is the CEO/Founder of Dr. Tate Foundation.


The Tate Foundation mission is to improve the quality of life of individuals and families affected by mental health and substance abuse through prevention, intervention, and treatment.


The Tate Foundation purpose is to deliver exceptional and comprehensive behavioral  healthcare and substance abuse services to individuals and families in our and   community surrounding counties.


Tate Foundation, provide services for healthcare professional by conducting outreach, public education and enhancing communication.

The foundation conducts public education campaigns on public health issues in the community to include participation in community and cultural events/fairs, schools and health clinics.


Tate Foundation promotes training and professional development opportunities for social service providers to become more knowledgeable about public health issues and to become more knowledgeable and culturally competent in servicing the minority, homeless and poverty-stricken community.